How to Track Sales and Price Drops on Amazon

Amazon adjusts prices on its products all the time. If you need to monitor them to see price trends and discover opportunities then you should use a price tracker like Amztosheet.

AMZTOSHEET let’s you track price changes for any Amazon product from any store and saves the prices directly on a Google sheet for you to analyze them. This is particularly helpful if you want to buy something that frequently goes on sale or that changes price often. Just set the URLs of the products you want to track, and any day you’ll see its price updated.

Why monitoring the price is important in e-commerce

Todays’ consumers have a huge number of choices when it comes to shopping online. Products available on portals, ecommerce and obviously Amazon: this opportunity makes the competition so high. Surveys demonstrates that almost 87% of consumers consider prices as the top factor while shopping online so it becomes obvious you should monitor your prices and especially Amazon’s since Amazon is the place number one where people stops to look for prices. It’s clear that if your competitor is out there with better prices than you, then, you can say goodbye to most of your potential customers. This is what makes price monitoring highly important for every retailer selling products online.

How to extract prices from competitors?

Analyze competitors

You should start analyzing your competitors starting from the closest market. Broader ones doesn’t help you defining a correct price strategy. Start by creating a list of potential e-commerce platforms that can prove to be your competition but don’t forget to include Amazon. Amazon is the top choice for all the customers. Use AMZTOSHEET for Amazon price tracking, you’ll save time collecting prices directly in your spreadsheet. Check out for competitors selling to the same market group and offering similar kinds of products.

Data retrieval

E-commerce sites present a huge amount of data to retrieve and a complex solution is to find a way to extract data. Most of the time you will have to configure tools for scraping or use dedicated automated tools like AMZTOSHEET. Consider developing your own solutions just if ti is something related to your business. The good news is you can find a lot of product for a very low spending amount.

Data analysis

Since the amount of data may be really great, you will have often to relay on some storage solutions. One free solution is to retrieve data and export them into spreadhseets for analysis. Usually any price monitoring tool allows you to export the data in the csv format which can be easily imported in a spredsheet. If you are analyzing and monitoring Amazon products then you can simply use AMZTOSHEET to directly track amazon porducts prices into a Google sheet without the hassle of downloading them and exporting them to a Google Sheet. The above-mentioned hints will let you gather relevant and valuable price data without spending much time and money.