After you’ve registered to Amztosheet you’ll find a new spreadsheet titled “Amazon to Sheet” in your Google Drive account:

To start tracking prices, simply fills the 5 product cells (cells are: A3, E3, I3, M3, Q3) with amazon product links. You can track products from any amazon store.

Every day, our scheduler will fetch the prices and append them to the sheet

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it’s a powerful tool for retailers, ecommerces and best price takers and works with any site not only Amazon.


  • prices will be added on a daily basis
  • use the generated sheet only as a data source: do not perform editings. If you need to perform editing or add functionalities then pull this sheet’s data into other sheets where you can perform any editing you need
  • if needed, even if strongly discouraged, you can perform some minor editing like columns resize or cells styling but you can’t hide or remove the used columns (even the blank ones): changing the sheet structure may result in unexpected behaviours
  • current plan allows a maximum of 5 products to monitor and one sheet per account: if you need more then contact us