The Reasons Your Online Products Aren’t Selling

Selling online is not easy: you’ve discovered your product niche, created your website and online shops it is easy and requires minimal investment, and now you started marketing your first few products.

Despite all of this your conversion rate just isn’t the one you expected since having a cute design and a shop doesn’t mean you are going to have sales. You want to know what you are doing wrong so you can get things back on track and so before working on your specific product or working on prices, take a look at 1000 foot and consider all the possible issues at play. We will review some of the common reasons for lack of sales and the possible solutions that can be applied.

Is your audience the correct one to sell your products?

Online stores often target the wrong market. You should ask about your customer needs, what are they looking for so you must know your customer even before starting developing your online infrastructure. Knowing your customers will make you provide the best online shopping experience. You will consider all the needs and demands and that will result in sales since you will give your customers exactly what they want. This may seem counterintuitive but in a way or another, narrowing your audience may result in increased sales due to the attentions you are delivering to them

Missing Pricing Strategy and Competitor Analisys

Sometimes your pricing strategy is the problem and often it is related to the fact you are not able to track your competitor’s prices. In the online world Amazon plays the role of the giant and it’s always fundamental to keep an eye on what are the price on its online platform. Tools like AMZTOSHEET let you monitor prices and discover when to change your product prices and establishing different prices strategies.

You’re Not Upselling

One shot sales are better than nothing, but they will not provide you what you really need: a continuos flow of sales. Customers must be turned into recurrent customers: remember them to visit your site, using referral or promotional offers. Upselling is one of the best tactics to gain new sales from satisfied customers.

Your Platform Lacks of Accessibility

Sometimes the problem is simply how you present your product to the world. Accessibility may target different issues: difficulty in the search of product, cart checkout complexity, poor website design, low SEO ranking, confusing navigation and so on. And more and more in the last years it became important to consider the mobile experience as a primary sales channel so, consider mobiel first.

Content Marketing Through Blogging

Today’s customers pay more attention to the product but the product doesn’t mean the product itself but also who is the seller. Try to establish credibility and authority to convince your customers that they are buying from a competent seller and except for those products that sell by itself, product and seller often mix up to provide the best sale experience. Blogging is an extremely powerful tool for this kind of relationship and it’s the opportunity for the seller to gain customer’s trust and increase traffic to your online website.

In the End

Bottom line: there are many reasons why your products are not selling online and many times the product is not the one to blame. Consider any possible reason using tools to analytic your platform performances and keeping an eye on the competitor’s pricing stategy.